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Welcome to an electronic version of our flashcards, which are designed to help you study for the advanced physics Graduate Record Examination. This electronic application is a successor to the hard-copy flashcard set, which we have printed and made available in the past. Improvements have been made to the previous set so herein you will find a new set with some cards replaced, eliminated, or more detailed.

As before, you will find flashcard questions-and-answers for 14 categories pertaining to the physics GRE from classical mechanics to fluids, with more questions (usually) for the topics that occur more frequently in the exam. The list of the categories appears with a click or a right arrow, but before you start, you should go to the settings to decide whether you want to march from a category's first card to its last card OR randomly go through the whole set of 14 categories (the "shuffling" option). In the settings, you should also decide whether or not you want to exclude those cards for which you know the answer. You then have the option to revisit only those cards that need more study.

The way you can navigate through the set is described in the help menu.

Many thanks to many wonderful students who have helped prepare and edit these flashcards (their names will appear in our website). We are especially grateful to the Kernan clan who masterminded the transfer from paper to electronic media.

If you have questions or suggestions, especially for corrections, please email Doc Brown,

Physics Department, CWRU

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